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Personal Injury

Have you suffered an injury in a serious accident caused by someone's negligence? Talk to our personal injury attorney before you sign anything from the insurance company.

Criminal Law

When you face criminal charges we explore all alternatives to jail time in every case, and we take the time to ensure you understand all of your options and your rights.

Norwalk, CT Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Individuals Charged with Criminal Offenses

Criminal defense lawyer with a commitment to excellence

With more than 17 years of experience, the Law Offices of John P. Thygerson, LLC has built a reputation throughout Connecticut for high-quality service in all aspects of criminal law. With a constant focus on strategy and an unbreakable determination for success, we do not rest until we find the best possible results for our clients. Each person we work with comes from a unique background. We are here to help people through their most difficult times, no matter what their circumstances or challenges.

We take the role of a criminal defense attorney seriously

Our passion for justice and helping others never wavers — it only grows stronger. Throughout our many years of practicing criminal law, we have developed a certain set of values and characteristics that defines our practice. These include:

  • Preparation. We are meticulous in every aspect of case preparation. The more legwork we do before we get into the courtroom, the more persuasive we can make our arguments on your behalf. We aim to be more prepared than the prosecution in every case.
  • Strength. We never back down from intimidation tactics. You can always count on us to represent you fervently and aggressively, both in our approach to your case in the courtroom and in protecting you against harassing law enforcement officials outside of it.
  • Intelligence. Our attorney is a remarkably quick thinker on his feet, able to make connections and adjustments quickly during your court proceedings. He is also able to pinpoint exactly the best time to strike and the best time to hold back.
  • Patient. As aggressive as our lawyer is willing to be in the courtroom, he is equally patient and kind in his one-on-one interactions with you. Mr. Thygerson’s goal is always to have you feeling completely comfortable throughout the process and not allow you to be intimidated by the criminal justice system.

Representation in a range of criminal defense cases

Our firm serves people from throughout Connecticut in a variety of criminal law cases, including

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All initial consultations with the Law Offices of John P. Thygerson, LLC are completely free of charge. Schedule yours today by calling 203.286.5690 or by contacting us online. Take advantage of the high-quality, high-energy service from our criminal defense attorney and his more than 17 years of experience to defend yourself from criminal accusations successfully.

The Law Offices of John P. Thygerson, LLC is located in Norwalk Connecticut and serves clients throughout the State of Connecticut. The firm's practice involves the representation of individuals charged with criminal offenses in the Norwalk, Stamford, Bridgeport, Danbury, Milford, Meriden, Middletown, New Haven and Hartford Superior Courthouses as well as all District of Connecticut Federal Courthouses.

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