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Client Testimonials for The Law Offices of John P. Thygerson

Norwalk Criminal Defense Lawyer Gets Positive Reviews from Satisfied Clients

Here are some testimonials and reviews written by clients who were pleased with the work of the Law Offices of John P. Thygerson. Please be aware that these testimonials are individual responses reflecting the reviewer's personal experience with the firm. The Law Offices of John P. Thygerson further discloses that there is no promise or guarantee of similar results.

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An effective attorney

Attorney Thygerson has represented me in two cases. Both were serious felonies. I was quite scared about going to jail (I was stupid in doing what I did). Each time John took the time to listen to me (and he read me the riot act after the second arrest) and he came up with a game plan that left me with no record! The entire time he was patient with me and took the time to work with me so that I not only have no criminal record but, because of the counselling he got me to take, I believe I won't be making the mistakes that led to my arrests. 
I have also refered him to my friends and he has gotten them amazing results to. He really is an all around good guy who cares for his clients.
--Jim, a criminal defense client

You wont regret hiring him!
John has been great and continues to support and guide me through an extremely painful period in my life. He has fought hard for me and is dedicated to continuing to do so until the end. He is respectful, smart, kind, generous and gives 100%
--Erin, a domestic violence client

Great Attorney

Mr. Thygerson is one of the most knowledgable and competent lawyers providing professional legal services in the areas of criminal and civil litigation in the State of Connecticut and beyond. He is also very responsive to his clients' needs and and straightforward in his approach and conduct of business. John Thygerson was successful in defending our son and in proving his innocence in a misdemeanor case involving DUI. Our whole family is very grateful to him.

--a DUI client

Fantatstic Attorney

I first hired Attorney Thygerson to represent an employee of mine who was in serious trouble. Honestly, my employee and I thought that jail was going to be the only outcome. But John managed to not only keep my guy out of jail but more importantly kept him from having any record at all. Since then he has been the attorney of choice for all of my employees and always busts his butt to get the best possible result. Never had a bad experience with him.

--John, a criminal defense client

Personal Reference re: John Paul Thygerson

Given that the legal system can at times be intimidating and shrouded in legalize (an understatement) it was important that I be made comfortable with the process. John's ability to demystify the challenges associated with my case were crucial to my understanding of the legal process and the role he played. I attributed the outcome of the case to his legal experience, strength of character and personal integrity. At no time during the process did I ever feel he was not being completely honest and forthright. In the end everything worked out fine.

--car accident client

Not Guilty after trial

I hired Mr. Thygerson to represent me in a case after I was arrested for DWI and giving a false statement. Prosecutors wanted jail. I wasn't drunk, but nobody believed me and cops claim I failed road side tests and didn't blow into machine hard enough. Mr Thygerson took my case after my first attorney had a conflict. Mr. Thygerson destroyed cops on the stand, showed they didn't follow proper procedure and proved breath machine wasn't working right. Brutally cross examined chief of police down to arresting officer! Jury declared me not guilty after 2 hours of deliberating. He was a master of the court and dind't back down to anyone. I am so glad he was there for me!

--Ed, a DUI client

A good DWI guy

John represented me a few years back after I was charged with a dwi. His help in guiding me through the whole process, which is unnerving to say the least, was very thourough. He was discreet, informative and promptly returned phone calls, which always seems to be a problem with other lawyers I have used in the past. Also, he successfully kept the DMV from suspending my license which I understand does not happen all to often. A genuinely good guy and I am pleased with the referral I was given to him.

--Sam, a DUI client


John has helped me out on more than one occasion. Each time the quality of service he provided surpassed my expectations. In one case, I was almost certain that jail was the only outcome I was facing, but John's determination and creative lawyering resulted in a disposition that involved payment of a fine only!! I recommend him without any reservation whatsoever. An awesome lawyer and someone who I will always turn to in the future.

--Colin, a criminal defense client

Rob R review

I have known John since Law School. John represented my in a criminal matter where the local police were overly aggressive in seeking charges. John was able to have the charges dismissed and my record cleared, including a successful appeal with a state agency.

--Robert, a criminal defense client

One of the best attorney's in the business

John Thygerson without a doubt is one of the most composed professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. John is very thorough, he is always there for you whenever you need him and quite frankly I would highly recommend him as an attorney to anyone that has any needs for excellent representation. He has always been a very special friend to me and a mentor to say the least. John doesn't specialize in just one area of the law but all areas.

--Brandon, a criminal defense client

Honest, Reliable, Trustworthy

I've never been let down. John has worked for me on several difficult cases. His results have always been outstanding and in my favor. His understanding of the law, the system and the players in the system set him above all else. I can truly say that not only do I consider John a great lawyer but also a great friend who will go above and beyond for you. I would not hesitate to use him or recommend him for any legal matter. In fact I do all the time.

--Jen, a criminal defense client

John's your guy

John is my go to guy whenever I, or any friend, is in trouble in Fairfield County. On more than one occasion he has represented me in criminal court and has always done so with skill, grace and passion. Always returns phone calls ( which is a rarity in the legal profession) and will do whatever he can to obtain the result necessary. I have been so pleased with his work, that I have referred family members and employees to him, and have had nothing but positive feedback. In my opinion, he is the guy to call if you are in trouble with the law.

--Remo, a criminal defense client

Very happy client

Personal attention, returned phone calls, attention to detail; these are the hallmarks of his representation. He realizes that criminal court can be extremely intimidating and daunting and ensures that the entire process is as smooth and anxiety free as possible. Having him as my advocate made the entire process more bearable and I could not be more happy with the results obtained.

--Brendan, a criminal defense client

KPSuper knowledgeable. Straight forward

He helped out my aging parents with some trust issues, great experience, recommend him highly.--Kim, a lawsuits & disputes client

Past clientI have found myself, from time to time, getting in trouble requiring appearing in court. Each time I turned to John who, without fail, obtained the results I desired in a most professional and, importantly, efficient manner. I could not have been more pleased with the results and have referred him to friends who have also had the same experience. I recommend his services without reservation.

--Len, a Criminal Defense client

I know a lot of attorneys - John is your guy
There are plenty of attorneys but very few of them go into Court with the passion John has when he advocates his client's interest. If your freedom is on the line, there is no other attorney in the State of Connecticut that i would have represent me. He is not afraid to butt heads with any Judge, when he believes he is right. When you use John, you won't leave the Court house wondering 'did we do all that we could?'