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Auto Accidents
Injuries sustained in automobile accidents are, by far, the most common type of personal injury claim brought in our judicial system. Often times automobile accidents result in devastating and catastrophic injuries to victims and their families, which is why insurance companies act quickly to limit their losses when their insured is involved in a motor vehicle accident. The entire process moves very quickly after an accident and typically, an insurance adjuster will contact you shortly after the accident and there are even some insurance carriers who will send an adjuster immediately out to the scene of the accident. The adjuster will ask to record your statement and try to have you sign information release forms. You must be very careful when talking to an insurance adjuster or signing anything anyone has sent you because it could jeopardize your claim. It is imperative that you seek legal advice before talking to anyone.

If you have been injured in an auto accident:

  • Always make sure the police are called to the scene of the accident. Do not just exchange insurance information with the other driver and leave. Accurate and timely police reports can be critical at time of trial.
  • Always seek immediate emergency care and consult with your private physician after a motor vehicle accident. If you delay seeking medical care an adjuster will argue that you were not truly injured, and only sought medical care to build a case. You must document your injuries at once. We urge our clients to keep a diary of their medical care, noting appointments and briefly describing what was discussed and the treatment rendered. Personal injury cases take time to resolve. It is important to have this record to help refresh your recollection if you need to testify years later. Most of all follow through with all treatment recommendations. Early medical care can help lessen the permanent impact of many injuries.
  • Inform your insurance company of the accident. You are obligated to adhere to the terms of your auto policy. Failure to cooperate with your insurance company may result in your carrier declining coverage for the accident.
  • Photograph the damage to your vehicle. Photograph your injuries. With the passage of time bruises and lacerations heal and fade. Have someone photograph your vehicle, the area of the accident and you as soon as possible. Make sure that any markings on the roadway such as skid marks are photographed. Keep a record of when the photos were taken and by whom.
  • Contact an attorney. An experienced attorney will be able to tell you whether or not you have a potential claim and guide you in preserving that claim.
  • Record the names and addresses of any potential witnesses. An independent witness can be helpful when dealing with two very different versions of how the accident occurred. Don't attempt to interview the witness yourself. We use trained investigators, usually former members of law enforcement, for this.
  • Obtain and make copies of any medical bills you make have incurred as a result of the accident. Also make sure you keep track of any co-pays you may have paid.
  • Make sure you keep an accurate log as to how much time you were forced to miss from work as a result of the accident. If your doctor recommends that you remain out of work you must follow his or her instructions.

Premises Liability
Property owners are legally responsible for making sure that legitimate visitors, social guests, and business patrons are reasonably safe from unreasonably dangerous or hazardous conditions on their property or associated with their parking areas, or overhead structures. We represent persons injured in premises liability situations, such as:

  • Falls on wet or slippery floors, or in unlit stairwells or hallways
  • Cases involving negligent supervision of young people engaged in dangerous recreational activities, or in unlawful drinking at universities, fraternity houses, or private parties
  • Accidents caused by missing or defective railings on balconies or stairways
  • Dangerous conditions on sidewalks, driveways, or parking areas
  • Negligent display of customer merchandise

Dog Bite Claims
A serious dog bite injury can require extensive surgery to prevent permanent scarring. When people choose to keep dangerous animals, they should be held accountable for any resulting injuries. So long as the injured person was not trespassing on the land or teasing or tormenting the dog, the owner or keeper of a dog is strictly liable for any injuries caused by the dog. Potential compensation for dog bite injuries may include payment for medical bills, pain and suffering, anxiety and permanent scarring.